The Diamond Shop is an artist’s studio.

Hours 10:00 to 4:00 Monday Through Saturday

It’s where we make, sell, show, teach, and BS. It’s downtown in Morgantown.

It used to be a Jewelry Store, and it still is. John P. Kuehn (pronounced keen), the owner, started a jewelry store in the Mon Building 40 years ago with a catalog and the red neon sign we took as our logo. After moving into 320 High St, acquiring some fraction of the city, and retiring from his retirement, he decided to do something out of the box.

We tore up half the shop, trimmed the other, and turned the windows into a white-washed gallery. Now, we’re letting the community take over.

Come, grab a coffee, put on a record, and read a good book while you watch it all happen. And maybe, you’ll find your next piece of art, or good place to put your last one.

John’ll be making jewelry in the back from 10-4, Pat will be painting from 5 till late, and both will always looking for new artists to make the space into what they will.

\John and Pat

© John P. Kuehn