Kelly Keifer
Senior Projects in Painting
Spring 2016

On a personal level,my work is highly spiritual.  I use color and light to symbolize the presence of spirit.  In my work, color brightens and light shines on the people and places we love, to remind us to pay attention to their beauty and significance.

Thus, invite the viewer into my canvas to share these types of experiences.  In order to relay this message, my work focuses on light, color, lines, brushstrokes, and content. attempt to use these elements to elevate the theme of the paintings.

In my work, light is transitioned from darker, medium, and lighter values. This moves the eyes of the viewer all over the canvas.  Color either pushes images back or forward in the canvas.  Color is also intensified where the strongest light is either shining on or coming through. Lines are used to either guide the eye through the canvas to encourage the message of the painting to be read or to create the sense of actual movement.  Brush strokes encourage the viewer to watch motion, see texture, feel light and color, and pay attention to the experience on the canvas.

© John P. Kuehn